Male Sex Toys|Best Autoerotism Sex toys most loved by Male

Male Sex Toys

There are many other male sex toys available in the adult market than you would expect. The traditional favorite of men all over the world, cock ring, now rival successfully for anal sex toys, anal beads, dildos, anal showers, vibrators, sex dolls, gay sex toys, such as anal plugs and prostate stimulators, male masturbators, penis sleeves, chastity belts, penis pumps and products for sexual enhancement.

Cock Rings & Toys

Cock Ring sex Toys
Cock Ring sex Toys

Traditionally used in the base of the penis a penis ring able to maintain the erection which can be thicker, firmer and more durable thanks to the limitation of blood flow to the penis. This can be beneficial for both parties. Rings cock like sex toys often silicone or rubber, which has a slight give in them. Some cock rings also have in vibrating bullets removable silicone included and some have Clitoral stimulating nodules connected by the added gratification for the female partner. Cock rings are made of leather or metal are classified as cocks and balls torture devices, as they have very little, or in the case of Metal cock rings, do not give them at all and are for men who are more on the pleasure and pain of a simple pleasure. Of male chastity devices fall into this category. The intention to keep locked male erection is practically impossible to achieve while wearing one.

Sex Toys

butt plug sex toys
butt plug sex toys

Anal sex toys, such as showers, anal, anal balls and anal plugs (also known as butt plugs) can be worn by men and women. This can also be said for anal vibrators. As one of the oldest forms of anal beads sex aids is available in a variety of lengths each containing different account numbers. These accounts usually become larger as you go down the rope. Anal beads are designed to dramatically increase orgasmic sensations when withdrawn at the moment of ecstasy. anal plugs are often bulbous design and stimulate the anal passage when pushed in and out. They are usually made of silicone for ease of insertion and are available in various sizes, most of which have a suction base to fix on virtually any surface, leaving both hands free for other activities. Vibrators are usually shaped vibrating butt plugs, anal vibrators different speeds. Stimulating the male G-spot, as the name suggests, they are designed exclusively for the good of men, and they have a curved tip specially designed to stimulate the region. Prostate stimulators are also specifically for the excitation of men.

penis pumps

penis pump sex toys
penis pump sex toys

male pumps, also known as penis pumps, to improve not only the circumference of the penis but also the length and hardness. This is achieved by placing the penis into a cylinder that is connected to a hand pump. When applied to the pumping action of a vacuum in the cylinder you are obtained by making more blood to rush to the penis. Some pumps also come with multi-speed vibrators built in often leads to an erection as quickly as possible. The increase in penis size, it is only intended as a temporary measure, however, some pumps argue that, when used regularly, this will result in a permanent increase in length and girth.

Masturbators and male pupae

For the pleasures of masturbation and are constituted by pumps of the penis (which may also be classified as male masturbators), male sexual adjuvants are constituted by sleeves of the penis that have patterns and nodules on the inside to provide different sensations can be a single or Open-ended Oral Sex simulators, realistic replica feeling vagina and anus, penis and pipes which consist also of the sleeves internal variation, some of which vibrates. sex dolls with up to three different holes, like the succulent tight model, are increasingly popular. They are not only used as male masturbators but are also used for recreational activities Trio with a couple.
Moreover, the male enhancement products, which have the purpose of increasing the volume of semen released, pheromones to increase sexual appeal and sprays for improving the quality and longevity of an erection even trivial, there is a wide range of sex toys and stimulators available for men today.

Sex Toys: which to choose?

Sex toys: Buying Guide

All you need to know to choose (and use) a sex toy

Sex toys

Sex Toys: they are now everywhere.

You can find them at the supermarket crates near the chewing gum in pharmacies in welfare shelf, in the pages of women’s magazines, displayed in erotically sophisticated boutiques and even department stores, who dedicated a department.

But in fact, all you know of Sex Toys? Here is a practical guide to understand, choose and learn to have fun with the ” girl’s best friend .”


sex toys
sex toys


Phallic forms not vibrating. In use since ancient times, the dildo can be of different materials, have more or less anatomical appearance and have a manual operation.

Pros: absolutely silent
Cons: you have to do everything alone
Suitable for those who: love simplicity

sex toys dildo
sex toys dildo


In addition to stand for shape, dimensions and materials, the “vibe” – this term for the international vibrators – have different methods of power, control, nd operation. A rechargeable battery, controlled with a remote control or a button with vibration pulse, “rotating”, modular, programmable and programmed … Only one thing is sure: multispeed is better than one .

Pro: versatile
Cons: you have to remember to buy batteries
Suitable for those who: are lazy but demanding


sex toys vibratore
sex toys vibratore

Punto G

Dildo vibrating and not with ergonomic shape. Their peculiarity is the ” curvature “, designed specifically to reach the infamous G-spot

Pros: deadly, accurate
Cons: may be addictive
Suitable for those who: wants to become a legend

sex toys punto g
sex toys punto g

External Vibrators

Watching them do not seem to have much to say, but reserve surprises: powerful and delicate, quite silent, can be multifunction, multispeed, a modular vibration, programmable.

Pros: fast, efficient, always on hand
Cons: use exclusively “topical”
Suitable for those who: wants to “win” easily

sex toys esterno
sex toys esterno

What are the best sex toys? Here are the most sold

Best sex toys?Which One You Prefer

The liberalisation of sexual mores along with easy access to their purchase through increasingly thriving e-commerce have given space, nowadays to all a series of erotic objects acts exasperation of personal feelings, these are known as sex toys. Toys love, rather than the whole sex itself, judging by the attention that everyone, without distinction, men and women, lay on these aids to the couple’s relationship, or exaltation of masturbation. Vibrators, dildos, masks, bandages, handcuffs, vibrating eggs, realistic or design. What can be considered the best sex toys, because of their dissemination to the general public?

sex toys
sex toys

The best sex toys? We start from the vibrator

For the great variety of sex toys you can not establish a ranking of the best sex toys, the pleasure derived from the use of the latter is totally personal, and that’s why there are people more attracted to a type of toy, compared to others. Differentiation, however, according to statistics provided by specialised stores, makes it possible to establish a ranking of the most used between the sheets. The most famous sex toy? Surely the vibrator of the best sex toys ever invented and that has adopted the best technological innovations. Here are a few types.

classic vibrator: for old-school lovers

sex toys vibratore
sex toys vibratore

The model classic combines with a small battery-powered internal mechanism, the sexual act together with a customizable vibration in intensity, it greatly exaggerates the feelings. Now there are several models. How to choose them? The decisive factors are many: the price, size, trademarks, materials and many other aspects. It may appear a giant or a vibrato finger vibrator, also great to put into a handbag. It depends very much on familiarity you have with the world of sex toys.

Rabbit vibrator: a pleasure to find

sex toys punto g
sex toys punto g

The vibrator of different sizes with a protuberance adapted to the double stimulation. Some models are equipped with independent vibration. The name is explained by the peculiar form of this sex toys: two ears that draw the silhouette of a bunny are the two bumps deputies to clitoral stimulation that makes the rabbit the sex toy most loved by women who are not content vaginal orgasm and go in search of pleasure with stimulation of the g spot.

Vibrator wi-fi mode: for those who want to have control in their own hands

The ultimate combination of technology to bodily pleasure, a small vibrator whose action and speed is controlled by a wi-fi device (or in some cases Bluetooth mode), allows outdoor games or in public places.

The dildo: the fouls without vibro


Surely the lion’s share in this field is held by the dildo be it vibrating (in this case are known as vibrators) or Static, the erotic game commonly is the approach in the world of sex toys, and statistics show that they are very used to ‘interior of stable relationships, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. There are nowadays on the market various types of a dildo, the difference most of the time is dictated solely by the size of the toy. Also, in this case, some types characterise the scene:

Dildo or classic foul: no frills, straight to the point

The classic dildo or foul on realistic veins, which allows a representation of the sexual act, very well researched dildo with suction cup, which allows the anchoring of sexy toys on a flat surface;

double dildo: for those who enjoy the best sex toys for couples

The double dildo is used within lesbian relationships or makes the man/woman games, which involve the penetration of both partners. sex play is very successful because it allows if desired, the double penetration of the woman;

In the market, there are even ” portable “, and the miniaturisation of the toys you play fantasy producers. Also in the field of the dildo the choice is vast, one of the most popular is the strap on , it is nothing more than a dildo provided with a ‘ harness, the user in almost all cases a woman, wearing it and uses it about partner penetrating, strap on for his kind is widely used within lesbian relationships , but does not disdain its use even within heterosexual relationships, with the prerogative of man to try anal penetration . About anal sex another sexy toys widely used is the so-called ” butt plug “, the toy is nothing more than a dildo specifically designed for anal penetration, everything from its shape to the material used facilitates the use for which it was designed, it is well known among lovers of anal intercourse.

Even in sexy toys there are niches

Many sex toys are specially designed and manufactured to exasperate a niche sexuality. This is especially the case of tools designed for lovers of the so-called BSDM, in this great family are fully included tools designed to constrict the partner ( restraints, handcuffs, ankle, bandages, etc.) or to inflict pain ( clamps, squeeze, whips, spankers ). The toys dedicated to this type of sexual activity are totally safe and their construction complies with the most meaningful safety standards with regard to the materials used.